How can an employer avoid unfairly dismissing an employee or employees?

In order to avoid unfairly dismissing an employee or employees, the employers reason(s) for the dismissal must be fair, for instance: a reason relating to the employee’s capability or qualification for performing work of the kind s/he was employed to do a reason relating to the conduct of the employee the employee is made redundant[…]


Do I have to give every employee an employment contract?

You don’t ‘give’ an employee a contract — a contract will exist, whether you like it or not, as soon as someone accepts your job offer. You are, however, legally required to give every employee a written statement covering specified terms and conditions, within two months of the employment beginning. If you fail to provide[…]

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Someone working for one of our sub-contractors now wants copies of all the information we have in which his name appears. Do we have to provide it?

Probably not, but consider taking legal advice. In a case in this area, the Court of Appeal decided the fact that someone’s name appears in a document does not in itself make it ‘personal data’. It will only be ‘personal data’ where its inclusion in the document affects the named individual’s privacy. In deciding whether[…]